7 Days Himalayan Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Retreat

Yoga and Meditation is a practice to enhance the human life and make the human life more valuable. Doing Meditation is a lap of Himalaya give you an additional advantage to feel the nature and get a silent place to connect your soul and mind. Our 7 days Yoga, Mediation Retreat is specially design for nature lover who would like to enjoy the some great time in the lap of Himalaya and feel the Shitva. We have an Asram in Rishikesh that we meet together with our 200 hour yoga teacher training program student and other retreat program peoples. For retreat we are going to Narendra Nagar, Chamba, and Tehri to explore the nature. This is a journey to find our soul and feel the nature. We design this 7 days Himalayan yoga, meditation and wellness retreat to improve our soul energy and give our life a spiritual light and focus on our daily lifestyle and improve it.

Why to go Himalaya for retreat

Himalayas is the place where you will find the silent adventure cravers. This is the land belong to Adi Yogi Loard Shiva. The Himalayas have preserved many holy places in themselves, where you feel the divine power, the Himalayas in themselves are a great center of positive energy. Where Lord Shiva himself has done penance and where God himself resides, in this program, we inspire you to discover the divine element within you so that new energy flows into your life. Join our 7 days Yoga Retreat program in Rishikesh at lap of Himalayas. 50 Hours Yoga Course demands only 7 days of your life and in return promises to provide lots of happiness and a way to a healthy lifestyle. More than this, the 7 Days Yoga retreat is the best way to develop a strong foundation of yoga where your proficient practice stands upon, it is the best way to rise up your journey in the yogic field.

Course Details

What you will learn

Our 7 days yoga retreat is specially designed for beginners to provide a complete snapshot of yoga so you will get all the basic information related to how you will start your yoga journey. This course is designed for the self-practitioner who is going to start their yoga journey. You will learn different yoga styles, asana, meditation, and yoga philosophy.

  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Yin and Restorative yoga
  • Pre and post-natal yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Shatkarmas
  • Yoga Anatomy
  • Yogic Philosophy
  • Yogic Mudras – Energy Seal
  • Bandhas – Energy Lock
  • Teaching methodology
  • Mantras



Before Lunch

6:30 To 7:30 

Yoga Class

8:30 To 9:30 

Meditation Class

9 :30 To 10:30


10:30 To 12 :30


1 :00 To 2 :00

Meditation (Therapy )

Meditation Class

After Lunch

2: 30 To 4:00


4:00 To 4:30

Herbal Tea Time

5 :00 To 6 00

Yoga Class

6:30 To 7:30

7:30 To 8:30


8:30 To 9:30


Course Fees INCLUDE

  • 6 nights non-AC Accommodation (AC available at additional cost)
  • Daily Vegetarian Meals
  • Guided Meditation & Pranayama Sessions
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Yoga materials during class (i.e. yoga mat, block, etc.)
  • Sightseeing near Rishikesh
  • Course Certification